Tree Trimming And Pruning in Kitchener

Tree trimming company in Kitchener

Trees are one of the most important aspects in the world. They provide us with well-needed oxygen that’s clean, and their very beautiful to look it. However, beauty that is not maintained and cared for loses its visual appeal and excitement over time. A tree should not be allowed to just grow. They should always be nurtured, cared for, and protected, which includes making sure its properly trimmed.

Kitchener Tree makes it their mission to make sure all trees look beautiful, as they should. With over 25 years of experience in tree pruning, we specialize in delicately pruning branches and buds to keep your tree healthy, and beautiful. A simple tree trim can go such a long way in making sure your tree lives a long and healthy life. Tree pruning is beneficial because it removes the diseased, aged, and structurally damaged branches that prevents the proper growth and appearance of the tree. If you’re looking for an affordable tree trimming or tree pruning service contact us for a free estimate.

Why do you need tree trimming?

The biggest reason why you should trim your tree is to promote health. If left unattained, trees begin to decay due to the wood being digested by fungus and other insects. Simply trimming your tree allows the decay process to slow down dramatically, allowing your tree to grow stronger, faster, and healthier in the long run. Just like with your lawn, a simple tree prune can dramatically improve the visual appeal of your tree.

The second reason is to prevent any safety hazards. If a tree is not pruned, the unhealthy branches and broken limbs begin to snap, and can fall on your property. Also, the branches that have not been trimmed can grow too close and potentially come in contact with the power lines.

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The benefits of tree trimming

There are several benefits that are associated with tree trimming and pruning. In the long run, trimming your tree allows it to remain healthy, while stimulating growth. Here’s 8 benefits you get by trimming & pruning your tree:

  • Looks more appealing
  • Avoids potential decay
  • Reduces the chance of accidents
  • Improves the health of your tree
  • Improves overall structure of tree
  • Eliminates branches that are dying
  • Increases the sun exposure to the tree
  • Reduces the cost when it’s time to remove the tree

If you need assistance on determining whether your tree needs a trim, contact us and we’ll send one of our experts have a look and let you know.

Punning A tree in Kitchener

How do you know when to prune a tree?

When evaluating your tree, look to see if you’re tree presents these symptoms. If they do, then you know it’s probably time to get your tree trimmed

  • Broken tree branches
  • When the branches get too close to power lines
  • Tree bark cracking and showing signs of weakness
  • Branches that begin to overhang on your property
  • Tree’s branches that are showing obvious signs of decay
  • When a massive storm takes place (causes the branches to split and break)
  • Irregular tree growth that can become dangerous in the future (especially for small trees)
  • Branches that begin to cross over. The crossing causes the interior of the tree branch to become damaged
A tree that needs to be trimmed

If you live in the Kitchener area and are interested in tree trimming or pruning services, call us at (226) 240-0034, or contact us for a free quote on your tree.