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Trees are one of the most important species on earth. They provide us with clean oxygen while reducing the smog in the environment. They serve as a habitat for numerous species including birds. Not to mention they’re just physically appealing to look at and do an amazing job in brightening the neighbourhood.

However, a tree that’s not properly maintained, or in a bad state can cause problems. A tree that’s in the process of decaying can start to become vulnerable to collapsing, potentially damaging your home and car. Also, an overgrown tree can cause multiple problems mainly due to structural damage. A tree that’s also growing near your property can potentially become a major hazard down the road, so that’s something to also look at.

Kitchener Tree provides tree removal services in Kitchener Ontario, and nearby locations. Our staff of certified tree surgeons are highly skilled and trained in the tree removal process. Because removing a tree is incredibly dangerous, we make sure we use the proper tools needed to make sure the service is done safely. Whether you need a complete removal, a simple tree trim, or stump removal, Kitchener Tree will provide you high quality services. We also provide 24-hour emergency services if something urgent occurs where you need assistance now.

Licensed & Insured Tree Surgeons

We strongly recommend that you do NOT try to engage in removing a tree yourself. Removing a tree that’s over 20ft is very risky and can be dangerous if done by a person lacking the proper tools & experience. Kitchener Tree makes sure all the tree surgeons are licensed and certified in tree removals. With the years of experience tied with our surgeons, they know exactly how to tackle even the most dangerous trees. Due to safety reasons, the process in removing a tree in an isolated area is completed different than a tree that’s located near properties. To ensure the removal process is 100% safe, we only send our most experienced (10+ years) surgeons to tackle tears in dangerous locations.

How to recognize it's time for a tree removal?

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether it’s time to remove a tree. You should look for the following signs to determine if it’s time for your tree to be removed:

  • Diseased tree
  • Discoloured leaves
  • Dead tree branches
  • Fungus growth on the tree
  • Structural damage to the tree
  • Tree limbs consistently falling off
  • A tree that’s dead/not growing well
  • If it’s in close proximity to your property
  • If a tree’s too tall and poses a danger risk

If you can’t tell whether it’s time for your tree to be removed, contact us and we’ll send one of our experts have a look and let you know.

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Why choose Kitchener Tree? We're the tree removal experts

The tree removal process might be stressful, and quite pricy, so you want to make sure you choose the right company to assist you. Being experienced for over 25 years in tree service, we’ve invested in cutting-edge equipment needed to ensure the tree removal’s done safe and efficiently. Because of the equipment we possess, we’re able to charge an affordable price for tree removals, possibly the best prices in Kitchener. Also, we make sure that we respect your property, and the environment. That’s why we make it our policy to NOT leave the area after a removal, until the entire area is clean.

If you live in the Kitchener area and are interested in tree removal services, call us at (226) 240-0034, or contact us for a free quote on your tree.