Tree Stump Removal & Grinding in Kitchener

Affordable stump removal near you

When a tree is at the end of its life cycle and needs to be cut down, the stump, which is the bottom piece of the tree, usually remains uncut. Stumps are a major tripping hazard, unpleasant to look at, and is mostly used as a shelter by pests and insects.  We recommend anyone who gets their tree removed to get their stump removed as well.

With over 25 years of experience in Tree service, Kitchener Tree makes sure that we provide our clients with the full tree removal service. That includes tree removal, stump grinding, followed by the cleanup process.

Kitchener Tree Service provides stump grinding for both residential, and commercial properties. To get a free affordable quote on stump removal, contact us, or call us at (226) 240-0034.

The 2 different stump removal process

Stump Grinding

The first process we use to remove the stump is called stump grinding. Stump grinding is the cheaper alternative, but still extremely efficient. We use a high-powered stump grinder to trim down the entire stump until its either 15” below ground level, or the level at which you desire. The tree bark is turned into wood chips during the grinding process, and the woodchips are used to fill the empty hole to reach ground level. We’ve invested in the most up to date stump grinder to ensure the process is 100% safe, while still being the fastest. The biggest drawback to using the stump grinding process is the root still remains under the soil, which can potentially cause root decay in the future. If you want the root completely removed, we suggest you chose the 2nd option.

Stump grinding process

Stump Removal

The second process we use to remove the stump is by removing the entire stump completely. Because the entire stump, including the roots are being taking out, this requires more time and resources to use, which is why it’s more expensive. We advise all our clients to get their stump removed completely, as stump grinding is more environmentally friendly, and usually more cost effective in the future. The way we remove the stump is we dig a deep hole around the tree stump. We then look for and remove all the roots that are connected to the stump, before taking the stump out compleltly. That’s why when you see a team woring on removing the stump, there is usally a big hole where the stump once was. Don’t worry, as we will never leave the area until the hole is flatten out. If you need your stump to be removed,We offer the best stump removal rates in Kitchener guaranteed.

Removing a tree stump

Why remove or grind a tree stump?

There are several reasons why you might consider removing a tree stump. However, the most important reason is due to it being a safety hazard. Here 7 reasons why you should remove a tree stump:

  1. To avoid any tripping hazards for yourself, and others
  2. To prevent pests from invading the stump, decaying the stump
  3. Stumps are not attractive to look at
  4. The stumps roots can potentially damage your pipes in some cases
  5. It makes it much easier to cut your lawn. You don’t have to cut around the stump
  6. Stumps take up precious yard space, that can be used for kids to play sports
  7. Not removing the stump can cause the roots to grow. This can become much more expensive to take out in the long run

If you live in the Kitchener area and need stump removal or stump grinding, call us at (226) 240-0034, or contact us for a free quote on your tree. Remember, we offer the best rates in Kitchener guaranteed.