Emergency Storm & Tree Removal Services

Emergency tree services when you need it most

Kitchener Tree is always available for emergency tree services. In the event of an emergency which forces you to have your tree removed, you can always call us. We always have multiple surgeons on standby, ready to assist you with tree services.

On the days the weather forecast projects a heavy storm with winds, we make sure our emergency tree removal crew is informed to be on standby. That way if the storm manages to damage your tree, Kitchener Tree’s emergency crew will be ready to assist you as quickly as possible.

The four main causes that garner a tree removal emergency are storms, heavy winds, tornadoes, and ice storms. With over 25 years of experience in handling all four causes, Kitchener Tree knows exactly the proper equipment that should be used to tackle each situation.

If a situation occurs which causes you to need an emergency tree removal, don’t wait! Call us now at (226) 240-0034 and one of our experts will be on the scene as fast as possible. Once the emergency services are complete, our team will then clean up, and repair the damages the mess caused by the tree.

24/7 on standby

Kitchener Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the case of an emergency that requires your tree to be serviced. After a bad storm, a tree can become extremely damaged, to the point where it becomes a danger hazard. Storms that are strong enough have the power to destroy even the strongest trees, causing it to fall and destroy its surroundings. Trees that close to your property have the chance of falling and damaging your home and car. That’s why you must act fast if you notice a damaged tree anywhere.

Kitchener Tree makes it their mission to be the most reliable emergency tree service team. Our crew is composed of fully licensed and insured experts who can perform a full emergency tree removal in less than 1 day. We offer affordable rates for our tree emergency services, and make sure we come fully equipped to handle any situation. Contact Kitchener Tree if you need your tree to be removed today.

Situations that warrant an emergency tree removal

The following situations are some of the main reasons why we get called to perform an emergency tree removal:

  • Heavy winds that cause severe damage to the tree
  • Tornadoes
  • Heavy rain or ice storms
  • Tree is at the end of its life cycle
  • Decay
  • Root of the tree is weak and falling

The main situation that usually results in your tree needing to be removed are severe storms. It’s best if you prepare yourself in advance by having the contact of an emergency tree removal company, and keeping an eye on the news to figure out which days the weather forecast predict a storm.

An emergency tree removal situation

If you live in the Kitchener area and need emergency tree removal for your tree, call us at (226) 240-0034, or contact us for a free quote on your tree. Remember, we offer the best rates in Kitchener guaranteed.